8/30/2016 – Energy Fields

Energy Fields

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Our energy fields cannot lie, it is not possible for energy to lie. Our human selves can be shy but pretend to be confident, sad but pretend to be happy, and smart but pretend to not know anything.

We have lived in a world where we move through our lives only showing that part of ourselves that we think is acceptable to society. Yet behind closed doors when we are out of the vision of others we feel like we can really let our hair down and walk and talk how we really are.

This has created a society of those who rarely go out and socialize because we can no longer live with the pain of not being our true selves.

How would our decisions be different if we simply let go of all the social expectations?
How would you want to present yourself to the world?

Can you accept yourself as you are?

Then, take this exploration to another level and ask yourself; can I accept another person to be as they are? No matter how they are dressed, no matter what their spiritual beliefs, if they believe in mysticism, the sixth sense, or whatever there opinions are?

This is a New Earth. This is the time we have all been waiting for. You get to be whoever you are at the deepest soul levels. In fact, it is your calling to be that fullest expression of you! Now is the time to “Be as you are!”



Recognition Of My Addiction

With my addiction, the pain never seemed to end.
It has taken away my child, family, relationships, and friends.
I had become lost and couldn’t make it on my own.

I always thought of myself as a good person,
but without the drugs, I can now see what I have done.
And what my addictions had made me become.

I was doing evil deeds in every kind of way.
Because of the way I had been living,
my family bowed their heads in shame.
Because of my addictions and actions,
lives will never be the same.

So I made it back to a cell, and my head began to clear.
And I dropped to my knees, so full of fear.
I begged, “Please Lord, please, forgive me for my sins,
I let my addictions get a hold of me again”!

I’ve lost so many days as
I’ve strayed from your Godly path.
Lord Jesus, I ask for your forgiveness,
and not your wrath.

I pray for healing from my addictions.
And the strength and guidance to make it through.
And I know I will, as long as I follow You.

© 2016  Louis Ray Yaw.  All Rights Reserved