5/18/2017 – Will Robots Replace Us?


Could Robots Replace Us? A Silicon Valley company called Knightscope has introduced a range of robots that eradicate the need for some security guards in workplaces and public spaces. These security robots are called the K3 and K5 Autonomous Data Machines. The robots resemble a “Weeble” (Weebles waddle but they don’t fall down).  When the idea of a security robot comes to mind, you might think of robots like Robocop or Atlas, rather than Pepper. 

Knightscope was originally founded in response to the tragic events at Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon. The founders believed that with a unique combination of hardware and software, they could greatly reduce crime by as much as 50%. They explain their rationale as thus:

The human attention span during monotonous, boring tasks is only 5-10 minutes. And with employee turnover rates as high as 400%, the security industry is rightfully seeking innovative solutions. Knightscope’s primary goal is to allow customers to utilize the best of Silicon Valley to put machines to work in those routine, monotonous and sometimes dangerous situations, thus freeing up humans to do the more hands-on and strategic activities. Corporate campuses, data centers, shopping malls and big-box retail stores are among the many customers already engaged today (think employee safety, corporate espionage, rogue networks and asset protection).”

They also state: This technology changes everything and is especially needed as the world continues to become more and more volatile.”

Utilizing numerous sensors, lasers and a significant amount of code, the K3 and K5 can roam a geo-fenced area autonomously either randomly or based on a particular patrolling algorithm. The K5 is able to detect a vehicle backing up or tailing the machine in a parking lot setting. Further, the robots are programmed to detect suspicious and unusual behavior and can recall up to 300 number plates a minute, whilst monitoring traffic. The robots are equipped with a panic button for emergency scenarios when a real person is required.

Recently we’ve seen a scenario where a robot was used to detonate a bomb in response to a police killing, ultimately leading to the death of Micah Johnson who killed five police officers and wound seven others in Dallas. This makes it possible that robots will be deployed in future public emergency scenarios.

Will robots create unemployment? The need for skilled engineers, developers and control center operatives to manage robots on the field and analyze data they generate will create jobs, at least in the short term. Perhaps the future may not be controlled by robots, but rather, by humans with the assistance of robots.

READWRITE, Cate Lawrence, Contributing Writer

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5/17/2017- “Under Pressure”

“Under Pressure” By: Queen & David Bowie

“Under Pressure”
Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you, no man ask for
Under pressure that burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets

It’s the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming, “Let me out!”
Tomorrow gets me higher
Pressure on people – people on streets

Chippin’ around, kick my brains ’round the floor
These are the days – it never rains but it pours
People on streets – people on streets

It’s the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming, “Let me out!”
Tomorrow gets me higher, higher, higher…
Pressure on people – people on streets

Turned away from it all like a blind man
Sat on a fence but it don’t work
Keep coming up with love but it’s so slashed and torn
Why, why, why?


Insanity laughs under pressure we’re cracking
Can’t we give ourselves one more chance?
Why can’t we give love that one more chance?
Why can’t we give love, give love, give love, give love, give love, give love, give love, give love?..

‘Cause love’s such an old-fashioned word
And love dares you to care for
The people on the edge of the night
And love dares you to change our way of
Caring about ourselves
This is our last dance
This is our last dance
This is ourselves
Under pressure
Under pressure

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5/11/2017 – GREEN EYES

Image result for free image green eyes


Smiling there for me
As lovely as can be
For all the world to see

Green eyes
Oh, how they sparkle and shine
I look at her and wish
That her love was mine

I love her green eyes
Like cat eyes in the night
No matter where she goes
They always catch the light

Green eyes in the morning
Awaken from a sleep
Holding her next to me
That is all I seek

Green eyes please tell me
This is where you want to stay
Green eyes please tell me
You’ll wake up here everyday

– Ray Hansell

5/5/2017 – Another Real Estate Collaspe?

January 30, 2017 – Several noted real estate experts warn that the next real estate crash is knocking at our door.

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Nobel Laureate, Professor of Economics at Yale University and Case-Shiller Index co-founder, Robert Shiller, recently sounded the alarm bells on CNBC when he declared, “Things are getting too bubbly” and that he “doesn’t think of housing as a very good investment.”

Unfortunately, Shiller’s warning is tame compared to his peers.

Real estate analyst Mark Hanson says, “Real Estate Bubble 2.0 is not just a monster, greater in intensity and energy than Bubble 1.0, but… I am in full-blown, black-swan look-out mode over here. Bubble 2.0 could end up being a lot more volatile than from 2008-10…”

But there is one distinct warning that should send chills down your spine … that of James Dale Davidson.

A renowned economist, best-selling author, and founder of Strategic Investment, Davidson makes the strongest case for the next housing crisis — “Right now, there are three key indicators screaming HOUSING CRASH AHEAD. They don’t simply reveal that a 40% collapse is coming, but that it’s already begun.”

Davidson has a remarkable track record of calling every major economic shift over the last three decades. For example, Davidson predicted the collapse of 1999 and 2007, along with the fall of the Soviet Union and Japan’s economic downfall, to name just a few.

His predictions are so accurate, he’s been invited to shake hands and counsel the likes of former presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton — and he’s had the good fortune to befriend and convene with George Bush Sr., Steve Forbes, Donald Trump, Margaret Thatcher, Sir Roger Douglas and even Boris Yeltsin

Hence, if Davidson calls for a 40% housing correction, one should pay heed.

Davidson goes on to say, “I know that everywhere you turn things look pretty good. Housing prices are up, mortgage rates are still low and the dollar is strong. But remember, the exact same scenario played out in 2007. Real estate and the entire economy are about to unravel fast. Very fast.”

However, it’s not just a 40% real estate crash that Davidson is warning about. He also predicts that “the stock market will plummet by 50%, savings accounts will lose 30%, and unemployment will triple.”

“I am not a man who likes to preach doom,” Davidson reminded me.

Indeed, during his career, he’s made investment recommendations that have spun off a good deal of money … like the $10 million windfall he banked in a natural-resource company, and the time he told people to scoop up Philip Morris for gains of 405%.

And although our future may seem bleak, as Davidson says, “There is no need to fall victim to the future. If you are on the right side of what’s ahead, you could seize opportunities that come along once, maybe twice, in a lifetime.”

In a new video presentation, Davidson not only explains exactly why the economy is on the cusp of collapsing, but he also reveals what he and his family are doing to prepare right now (it’s unconventional and even controversial, but proven to work).

One anonymous viewer wrote, “Davidson uses clear evidence that spells out the looming collapse, and he does it in a simple language that anyone can understand.”


Publication: THE Sovereign Investor – Written By: JL YASTINE

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