6/1/2017 – MEASURE OF LOVE

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This is my favorite poem of all time:


If love were measured by farther or far;
Miles from home or a twinkling star.
If love were poured like wine from a jar
Bought from a stall in some twilight bazaar,
Or served on the Host like divine caviar…
That feast goes with us wherever we are.

If love were a gauge marking hours and days,
A kiss or caress, or a passionate gaze.
If love were a stage and upon it sad plays,
Or the lines of a sonnet fixed on a page
Like blood on a bandage, a lock on a cage
Where love is held hostage and meekly obeys.

If love were a castle and desire its gate,
Envy its vassal in dungeons of hate.
Streets of indulgence paved with delight
Where torches of longing burned through the night,
Towers of rapture, gardens of grace,
Could mortals abide such a glorious place?

If love were a precious stone or a gem
Cleverly sewn into some beggar’s hem
To have and to hold, to fondle, caress,
To covet as gold but never to guess
The true measure of love isn’t sterling or carat,
Simply the pleasure to give and to share it

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