8/12/2016 – Across The Heavens

Across The Heavens
Image result for image of cupids
Cupid and Psyche

In awe of this warm and wonderful August night
This is the time when lovers
May love with all of their might

Ring-less ones still inhabit our earth
Yearning for the scents of frankincense and myrrh
The warmth of your candle
Burning so close to mine

Angels from above singing blessings
To let our candles combine
Divine permission has been granted

It echos from above
Whispering across the heavens
“Don’t hide your love”

The flame of your perfect burning candle
May well extinguish as it enters my sacred cave
No, my darling, we are not fearful
‘Tis the destined time to be brave

© 2016  Cynthia Renee.  All rights reserved.

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